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Case Salsa Club

It's time to

Come Dance With Us!

Lessons have started for the semester. See you in class!

About Case Salsa Club

Case's Salsa Dance Club is a place where students and community members can come to meet new people, learn some awesome new dance moves, listen to great music, and just relax and have a good time!

Case Salsa Club aims to teach its members social salsa dancing skills, purely for the love of dance and music. We have lessons for all skill levels, and anyone can come learn. Lessons are taught by professional dance instructors on Tuesday nights at the Village Dance Studio. After only one semester, you will have a variety of moves and the skill to easily learn more that you can take out social dancing. A large group of our members go out to practice their moves on the social dance floor, generally on Thursday nights at Viva Dance Studio and Friday nights at Europa. We strongly encourage anyone interested to join us, either in lessons or on the social floor.

Please contact any of our officers with any questions or comments. See you in class!

Want to know what's coming up? Visit our event page for more info, or